Your First Place financial health check

To apply for the First Place 5% deposit contribution, the 2 main pre-qualification requirements are:

  1. Your eligibility for the Government’s First Home Owners Grant
  2. Your ability to successfully pass a Finance Health Check with Homeloan Corp for pre-loan approval based off income, savings and assets & liabilities.

Homeloancorp are expert mortgage brokers who do everything, from application to settlement on your behalf to secure the best possible deal. Homeloancorp provides a free service, with a commitment-free meeting to determine the best loan for you.

When organising your documentation for Homeloan Corp, you will need to have the following information:


Proof of identity

  • Copy of Drivers licence (Homeloan Corp will complete a preliminary application on your behalf)

Proof of income

For PAYG employees

For Self Employed

  • Two payslips from your employer/s
  • 3 months Transaction account statements for at least three months
  • A PAYG payment summary from the ATO
  • Evidence of any other income
  • Copies of your last two BAS statements
  • Your most recent personal tax return
  • Your most recent business tax returns including financial statements
  • Your most recent ATO Notice of Assessment.

Assets & Liabilities, Living expenses

Details of all assets and liabilities & living expenses (form provided)

Existing debts

Evidence by way of statements for current liabilities such as credit cards, store cards, personal loans etc.


For more information, contact the friendly team at Homeloan Corp who can check to see if you qualify for Lendlease's First Place 5% deposit contribution and can help you find a loan that’s right for you.



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